Steve Warui


Call me Steve,

I love the lens and most of the times I don’t notice how tiring it is to run around with a heavy camera and juggle through the constant changes on the settings. What is most important for me is that a story emerges with every click of the camera and that every experience is an adventure. For sure, your story will be different.

See more of my work on website, Facebook  and follow my Instagram  for some day to day happenings.

Joe Maina
WachiraHello, my name is Joe Maina. I’m a professional wedding and portrait photographer. Photography has always been a kind of story telling, it captures the moments of our lives and strings together images to create a picturesque storybook full of timeless meaning. I love that every venture has a story, just like every wedding has a story. From the vows, to the speeches every wedding is so unique with one common factor: love and commitment. Wedding photography may be my passion and focus,  but I also love shooting families, children, corporate events, and products from time to time. Visit my Facebook page for more.

Hezron Karanja

I love Art. Story telling been the greatest form of Art, my opinion of cause. It is through my lens that I tell these beautiful stories that are beautiful beginnings to lives everlasting. Watch art at hezron_-682x1024work through these motion pictures that are chests of memories everlasting.


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