Chord Kick || Cathy & Lenny Engagement

The real african sun and its two brothers were out in a fiery trinity bid to scorch anything in the Village of Ngukemwe. Maush had just been posted here for some three weeks to study some ICT engineering project and man he was bored. See, he could no longer hang out with his pals in the evenings to play some live music as he knew nobody here to begin with! The sun wasn’t making it any more interesting and so he decided to take a stroll in a nearby place with a few trees and try push the hours.


He found a spot and just then he heard the sweetest voice he had ever imagined. He shrugged it off considering that it may have been dire effects of the sweltering heat but no it persisted so he had to investigate.


His eyes confirmed that the sweetest voice was actually coming from the most beautiful lady he had ever seen and his heart skipped a few beats. A new problem, a huge challenge had introduced itself and he knew not how to interrupt the singer and just say hi. so he hid in the bush and pretended not to have noticed.


Meanwhile, Sonia went ahead with her daily chores. She had to collect firewood and start a fire for dinner and her only motivator was singing. She sang to while the day away and to prepare for the  4 hour main Sunday service at the village church. She would practice her moves while at it.


One day, she noticed a strange gentleman sitting nearby listening keenly but hurriedly left when he realised he had been noticed.


As fate would have it, Maush was relaxing and strategising his moves when Sonia happened to emerge from the bushes and a thorn pricked her right by where Maush was sitting!


A knight in shining armor was born, thorns were extracted and pleasantries exchanged.


Maush whipped out his communication gadget with great anticipation but sadly Sonia only had a pen and paper. This meant he had to wait for her call…


Billions of stars had aligned and a man has to celebrate!

  A few moons later, She called and informed Maush that she had just resumed her semester at the university of nairobi. He could not believe his luck as he was in the same university!


Needless to say, the rest is history as they became inseparable.


Music is truly the language of love



The other day, Maush gathered all the courage left in him and went down on one knee  to ask for her hand in marriage, She said YES!!!!


We wish them a happy journey full of God’s favor and providence as they plan for the big day coming up in a few months.

Photographer & Story : Steve Warui for weddings by waruisapix

Location : Nairobi Arboretum 

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  1. Beautiful story!Warui you camera and pen have a way of telling the story in an authentic way!Well done indeed, Blessings to Cathy and Lenny!


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