Struck in 198 Kilometers| Damar and Rufus

Rufus had quickly risen up the ranks of the program called PAS and was now an assessor.  PAS had planned a 5 day 198km walking expedition in the Mt Longonot area. He had few friends and bore the reputation of a focused leader.

Damar happened to be strolling the corridors of her new college and stumbled upon the PAS poster. It looked like a plot and she quickly signed up. Little did he know that her saviour after the 32km mark through the tough gorges and escarpments would be Rufus and her future lifetime partner. Love had struck in 198kms!

The bridal team comprised of both former college mates and current work mates have been friends together for the longest time. Rufus and Damar-1

Rufus and Damar-2

Rufus and Damar-3

Rufus and Damar-4

Rufus and Damar-5

Rufus and Damar-6

Rufus and Damar-7

Rufus and Damar-8

Rufus and Damar-9

Rufus and Damar-10

Rufus and Damar-11

Rufus and Damar-12

Rufus and Damar-13

Rufus and Damar-14

Rufus and Damar-15

Rufus and Damar-16

Rufus and Damar-17

Rufus and Damar-18

Rufus and Damar-19

Rufus and Damar-20

Rufus and Damar-21

Rufus and Damar-22

Rufus and Damar-23

Rufus and Damar-24

Rufus and Damar-25

Rufus and Damar-26

Rufus and Damar-27

Rufus and Damar-28

Rufus and Damar-29

Rufus and Damar-30

Rufus and Damar-31

Rufus and Damar-32

Rufus and Damar-33

Rufus and Damar-34

Rufus and Damar-35

Rufus and Damar-36

Rufus and Damar-37

Rufus and Damar-38

Rufus and Damar-39

Rufus and Damar-40

Rufus and Damar-41

Rufus and Damar-42

Rufus and Damar-43

Rufus and Damar-44

Rufus and Damar-45

This shoot was done and directed by Joe Maina on a misty evening somewhere near Mt Longonot. Sadly the Waruisapix team had been booked for a coinciding wedding but was still able to provide a memorable, meaningful and themed photoshoot for Damar and Rufus

Rufus had to give up what he loves most, his computer profession and create room in his heart to love wambui unconditionally, as it is said that there is nothing more dangerous as a scorned woman, computers had to burn down to get full attention of the rufus,

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