Cindy weds Steve = A classic wedding

I share a name with Steve and a great love for aircooled Volkswagens and we met sometime in 2009 and later got to meet Cindy. They are a lovely couple and I was lucky to be chosen as their photographer. The wedding was simple but meticulously planned, nothing was left to chance and as a result everything went smoothly and we had tons of fun. Guys from the VW Anonymous club of kenya came out to support and make the day special and it was a joy to witness these lovebirds get hitched. We wish them all of God’s Blessings in their marriage

IMG_9275 _K1A6407 IMG_9280 IMG_9294 IMG_9297 _K1A6430 _K1A6439 _K1A6442 IMG_9318 IMG_9319 IMG_8550 _K1A6465 _K1A6469 IMG_9403 _K1A6487 _K1A6492 _K1A6499 _K1A6510 _K1A6521 IMG_8583 IMG_9448 IMG_8615 _K1A6645 _K1A6709 _K1A6717 _K1A6753 IMG_8647 IMG_8650 _K1A6792 _K1A6794 _K1A6802 _K1A6811 _K1A6853 _K1A6922 IMG_8670 IMG_8671 _K1A7016 _K1A7023 _K1A7092 _K1A7219 IMG_9986 _K1A7289 _K1A7303 _K1A7398 _K1A7399 _K1A7407 _K1A7413 _K1A7433 IMG_8838 _K1A7580 _K1A7712 _K1A7763 _K1A7776 _K1A7872 _K1A7888 _K1A7920 _K1A7936


_K1A7965 _K1A7985 _K1A8012 _K1A8020 _K1A8039 _K1A8056 _K1A8064 _K1A8073 IMG_0226 IMG_0252 IMG_0275 IMG_0296


Stephen Warui

Joseph Wachira

Hezron Karinga

To God be the Glory

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  1. I missed the occasion in person. Now, thanks to your sharp photography (and you are professional!), I feel as if I was there. FANTASTIC!


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