Mariam & Walter Tie The Knot

So its been many weeks and months since my last post and at this point i repent and promise to change my blogging ways…. life has been busy but The Lord has been faithful in blessing the work of my hands and i give all the glory back to Him. 

I know I have a backlog of wedding blogs but I thought i should start with this one coz I had major fun on this day. Me and walter go back to the days on calculus classes in campus where we would share the wrath and torment of our lecturers and it was great to be reunited after falling out of contact for a couple of years.

here are some of the images ImageImageImageFinal shot with the daughter while she was still singleImageOH, and the photographers we planning how to tackle the day, but hey who took this photo? Imagemeanwhile things were getting thick for the groom’s family and armyImageand they pleaded, while cucu watched on…ImageImagemeanwhile Walter was putting a brave face, more like a “everything will be ok” face..ImageImageand hey! everything was okImageImageImagenever seen more sincerity on a man’s face like this beforeImageImageImageyes!Imageso we all decided to go for a walk before going to the receptionImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageand rested a bit..Imageoh! and here are people who were in the party…ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageThen since the olympics were happening, there was a short raceImagethat changed into a jigImageImagewait, the cake really distracted meImageas more and more people joined in the jigImageI salivated at the cake…ImageThen The couple decided to take a break and Walter stole 23 winksImageI was still looking at the cakeImageThen Walter & Miriam approached it WITH A BIG KNIFE!  AND cut it 😦Imageand fed each other with it… the awesome cake was gone!!!ImageImageThen it was time for the single ladiesImageImagea big dust was gatheringImageIt was fun and i dint notice that it was already dark till after i took this photo! Congratulations Walter and Mariam. may God bless your family and grant you a happy home.

credits : Stephen warui, Joseph Maina and Kevin Wafula


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